Does it matter which flowers on a given plant to use?

Many varieties will have flowers with different petal counts on the same plant. In choosing which to use, does it matter? For example, some Rainbow’s Endflowers have 25 petals with HT form, others have 20 with less pointed centers. Will I improve my progeny by using only the 25-petaled pointed-centered ones?

Honest opinion? Whatever is viable and ready. Slap and dash and go go go.

If you have one or two bushes of X rose and your Y pollen is ready. Slap, dash, and go. The seed count will come out in the wash.

The window of time for pollination is short in almost all climates due to climatic limitations.

More important is the aftercare of the mother plant and the harvest of the seed.

Edit: In the event you are asking if there is a genetic difference in blooms, there answer is: more often than not, no. On rare occasions: yes. In most cases, the variance can be due to conditions, time, and happenstance.

In other words, don’t worry about it.