Does anyone know anything re:

The previous posting was supposed to be titled Good n’ Plenty.

Sorry about that.

I am gonna assume that Happy Trails is in its lineage somewhere because Roller Coaster can produce a similar color effect. It looks decent. Its most definitely a decent mix of polyantha, floribunda, wichurana and miniature. Personally, I’d just have fun with it and see where it takes you.

By the way, I have found that Electric Blanket produces little pollen. Baby Blanket seems to produce a bit more. My EB got blackspot this year, which I found confusing =( Its next to Summer Wind and Rock Creek, which didnt get blackspot. I am kind of confused about the scenario. Also, Happy Chappy is pretty cute. There’s one in my neighbors garden that looks okay. It seems to stay close to the ground.

Good n Plenty was rated as 2% less fungal infections by the ARS.

Happy Chappy was rated as 10% of less.

The source is the ARS so I dunno the accuracy.

Thanks for the info. I have seen Electric Blanket set hips readily at the end of the season-seem to mature fast. Very little set in early spring. I have had homeowners really have great results with next to no care. Water and maybe fertilize. Maybe once a yr.

What do you mean “2% less fungal infections”, less than what for instance? I’m not an ARS devotee so I really know next to nothing about their ratings. Happy Chappy is nice, but just not showy enough. Peach Drift is much showier. And it does get a whiff of mildew, but gets over it much faster than Carefree Beauty. I have it growing among some Lambs’ ear, and it is just about buryied, but the blooms keep coming.

I am trying Good n’Plenty on some floribundas and I hoped maybe it had some Wichuriana close to the surface. I’d love to get something similar, but in a brighter hue. I’ll see.

Oops, supposed to read 2% or less.

Electric Blanket is usually spot free every year, which is why I was confused.

I havent mentioned the Drift series because Im still working out on how fertile any of them are. Coral Drift seems to be setting seed…but its still too early to tell. White Drift sets but its a PAIN to even try. It requires tweezers and hands smaller than mine lol. Im too tall and clunky for that kind of duty haha.

Peach drift does set seed, as does Pink Drift. I germinated some Peach drift OP last year, and they were mostly very miniature with nice leaves, attractively compact, all with very similar flowers to Peach Drift. My problem with working with them (and I hesitate as a result) is that I almost need a magnifying glass to see what is going on.

Thats good to know. Now I know what to use on my semi-double, rain-resistant white mini from Solitaire x Baby Love. I have been looking for something to stay miniature, increase the petal count and add even more good health to use as a pollen parent. I am thinking of using Sweet Drift for this. Have you had any experience with it?

Peach Drift looks useful for creating microminis, like you kind of hinted at. I imagine it is diploid. I plan on using Pink Drift next year. I am guessing diploid as well, but the yellow center before the sun degrades the pigment is throwing me off. I wonder what the other parent is? I was gonna try Pink Drift x Gardens of the World this year but I lost track of timing and forget to get pollen in time. Pink Drift looks useful for making multicolored roses. The name is deceiving because its not pure pink at all. What were the dominant traits of both for you?