Does anyone grow 'Roses are Red'?

Does anyone grow ‘Roses are Red’? I ordered a plant several years ago when Sequoia was still selling it. Since I was short of room and heard it wasn

Hi Joan,

My RAR is in it’s first season but for what it’s worth here are some photos. I brought it inside to photograph so there’s some condensate on it. I color corrected for the lighting. No blooms this year, and it is on its third set of leaves. I finally started spraying or it would be on its fourth.


Hi Joan,

I have plants of it, but haven’t used it in breeding. I had thought that it was fertile though I don’t remember seeing hips on it. Don’s photos look like good representations of the plant. The canes are quite vigorous and a bit angular in branching. It is a very nice rose. It has quite a long blooming season, but blooms on old wood. I have a seedling that is quite similar to it coming out of ‘Persian Sunset’.

Jim Sproul

Thank you Don for taking the pictures! The cane color looks similar to the plant I saw, but the foliage is different. My friend just emailed and told me she found another branch of this rose with large buds on it (it