Do you know this rose?

I bought this thornless rose at Walmart years ago and it was marked General Jack. At first when it is cooler the flowers are yellow then later when it is warmer they are pink.

Here is a picture of some other flowers when they are pink.

It does has very little fragrance. It is not very winter hardy. Here in Zone 5. I cover it completely with compost and mulch to get it to have any stems that are alive.


Very pretty, whatever it is.

Hi Daniel,

I think it’s beautiful too. I wonder if it is a thornless rose by Harvey Davidson. He used to have his roses grown by Certified Roses a few years back. Many of these larger producers that sell to box stores often have mislabeled roses go to these outlets that have a lower priority for them. I haven’t kept up to date on all Harvey’s roses and don’t know if this is one of his, but really like the idea of focusing on thornless roses. I’ve enjoyed his earlier releases years back.

Here is a link to a nursery that features some of them.



What was the grower’s/supplier’s name on the tag (or the plastic bag if you bought it in a bag)? If the plant was from Sexton or Certified, it may be almost anything.