Dixie Cups blew off

I made several pollinations yesterday over lunch and covered them with a dixie cup. Shortly after my attempts to pollinate, a rain storm blew through. Several of my cups blew off leaving the pollen exposed to the rain.

Wondering what the best course of action is. Should I give up on those flowers that the cups blew off or is it worth trying to polinate them again? I still have quite a but of pollen (its 2 days old now, been on the window sill) from various plants. Is it worth trying to re-apply pollen to those blooms that have been exposed for 2 days now or should I give up on them and just try the crosses again with new blooms. What is the likely hood that those roses are still receptive to pollen? Temps have been cool and wet, saying below 85.

On another note: should I leave the dixie cups covering the other crosses now that its been a day or should I give them a little longer?

Great questions.

-If the stigmas still look receptive (sticky exudate or at least look nicely hydrated and not turning brown) it would probably be worth your while to add more pollen.

-The stigmatic surface can adhere pollen more tightly than we might think and some pollen should still be on it even though it rained.

-Pollen tubes should reach the ovule within a couple days for sure in roses and unless it’s really hot and the emasculated flowers seem to be stressed due to sun and heat, the dixie cups may not help too much and may not be worth your effort.

Good luck.


I use the 2" X 2" X ,.02 poly ziplock bags. I don’t remember where I got them, just did a search. I got like a thousand for hardly nothing. I keep them on for a couple of weeks and it creates a humid zone. Works great for me.


your pollen will easily last through the summer and retain some viability into following years!

I use plastic sandwich bags afixed to the bud w/ twist ties. Punch a couple of holes in them or your buds will turn into steamed vegetables! They only need to be left on for a couple of days.The I use little nylon mesh bags to insure that I do not loose the hips. Anyone ever have a problem w/ “Bio-Ninjas”? Sometimes my hips are missing, Just the tagged ones!



I like that – “Bio-Ninjas”

I too have had occasions to wonder… just what fencerow or car windshield my seeds have been deposited on. Or what varmint’s larder they’ve been packed away into. Isn’t it funny how the tags seem to draw attention.

If your sun is strong, I suggest wrapping the bloom with foil rather than dixie cups or plastic bags. Dixie cups (as you found) blow off too easily, and plastic can create a mini 120+ degree greenhouse if the sun is too strong. Foil will hold better, is easy to remove, is re-usable, will keep the humidity up and will prevent the greehouse effect.

The Bio-ninjas are real! Big time biotech companies have a real problem with them. I’m sure they’ll go after an amatuer or hobbiest. Go out to one of Pioneer’s test plots and wander around. Guys with guns will come out to ask you what you re doing!


I agree with Judith and her comments regarding foil. I’ve been using it for many years now and it works great for me!