Distant Drums x Color Magic

Of all the crosses I did this season I find myself really anticipating the Distant Drums x Color Magic cross and vice versa. Looking thru HMF though I find no offspring for Distant Drums and Color Magic only used as a pollen parent. I’d hate for this cross to not yield any viable seeds.

Has anyone had success germinating seeds using either of these varieties as seed parent?

Im betting that your CM x DD cross will yield better.I know that DD is fertile pollen wise and Im fairly sure that CM sets decent sized hips. DD set one hip for me last year. I’ll try again this year but Im not holding my breath.

I have hips on CM and DD now, but, of course, I don’t know if the seeds will germinate. My CM seeds from last year didn’t, but then I didn’t have many.

Well, I can only give ya what I know since the breeding factlets are limited on these two roses.

I also tried Outta the Blue x Distant Drums which produced many seeds yet only one germinated. I’m not sure why (not going to repeat it as Outta the Blue seedlings seem to hate water on the foliage boggle) but it might be OtB with poor germination.

I guess the future will tell us more :slight_smile:

I had quite a few op hips from DD this year. I have had no germinations from the seeds from DD. They may not have been overly mature hips though and the seeds may have been too young.

I do plan some crosses with it this year.

Thanks Jadae & Steve. I’ll let you know what happens. Steve, had the DD hips turned color? Do you know approx. how long they were maturing? Did you stratify?

I planted some OP seeds of Distant Drums this year. No germination, but there were only about 10 seeds. I stratified for 3 months. If I remember right, the hips were slightly orange and about to fall off the bush. Hopefully you have better luck.

The hips were in various states of maturity. All had started to change color at the very least. I cant really comment on how long they were maturing as the were all OP and I was not really paying attention to them. I did stratify, just a little over 3 months I think.