Diamond Eyes

Can anyone speak to the health of the 2011 released purple mini, ‘Diamond Eyes’?

It is a cute rose but mine was completely defoliated from blackspot by mid-summer. Also, mine did not set any OP hips if that is of interest to you and the few crosses I tried also did not take. Still, given that roses can carry in disease from the growers the first season, I intend to watch it for another year.

I’ve ordered it for spring delievery and was hoping to hear good things about resistance. I’m a little disappointed to learn that fertility might be an issue as well. Well, I’ll give it a couple of seasons and see what happens. It looks nice in pictures and I like the parentage. Thanks Julie.

I love the look of it, ahhh that purple color !!

If I could get it here I would get it !!!

… err… perhaps with the view to mix it with some beautiful healthy monster like Gardeners Glory in an attempt to reduce size and combine health and yellow + purple color all at the same time… maybe to get a yellow-purple bi-color…maybe an orange-red blend ??..don’t ask for much now, do I?


On the subject of minis, there is some really cute and reasonably healthy mini a neighbor across the road from me got from a large chain of hardware stores a couple of years ago that I jealously watch. He has agreed to share flowers of it with me for pollen collection / hybridization. I’ll whack the pollen onto Gardeners Glory, as soon as flowers re-emerge, (thinking about a similar theme of dwarfing a healthy giant with some gorgeous mini rose). Might even take a pic of that mini and post it here… all the minis I have purchased have gotten dreadful BS disease here, this one seems noticeably healthier, and has HT-style flowers of deep gold /apricot with darker (?brandy) reverse, quite an awesome color combination !

I added Diamond Eyes to my collection this Spring. Its interesting in relation to disease. I have it potted in a 1g pot at the moment with Miracle Grow Moisture Control Potting Mix. I found that if I kept it against the West side of my house, in front of my two mini greenhouses, it would constantly be defoliated from blackspot. However, once I moved it into a sunnier location, the foliage is beautiful. I moved it back to its original location to test my theory of location, at it was defoliated again within a week. So, pick your location well! This one likes full sun and lots of air circulation…


I am not getting it, but it might be easier to work with than Wild Blue Yonder, Midnight Blue, Ebb Tide, etc., with their ever-shrinking hips and low seed count. Purple Heart and Outta the Blue are much easier to work with, but they lack that true dark purple. However, there is Twilight Zone, but the hips look like they’d be equally annoying to work with. The poor hips and wispy wood seems to correlate, since it does not in the easier hip-setting purples. Kinda weird.

There is also this fella:

Although, I think its highly possibly to get non-climbers out of:

That beast is healthy! It grows like Westerland descendents, such as Jacob’s Robe.

I am guessing that the unknown portion of Diamond Eyes is John-John, which my hypothesis would be something like:

[Wild Blue Yonder x ((John-John x Baby Love) x Night Owl)]

…or more specifically, I think the female half of the male portion is the male for ‘Shockwave’ :wink:

Personally, if one already has something from one of these purples, it seems best to move forward, because theyre a chronic pain in the *** to work with.

Thanks for the suggestions Michael. DE caught my eye not only because of the Cole but because it’s a mini. I thought I would cross it with my Midnight Blue x Cinco de Mayo and hope for some purple minis, patio and shrubs of smaller stature.

Will also use it with my Ebb Tide x Rhapsody in Blue which is saturated purple.

I saw Diamond Eyes in a nursery today. It had a solitary mature hip, which I nabbed (with permission). It had six seeds. It had been partially defoliated by blackspot, but was still putting out fresh blooms. It was surrounded by a plethora of other roses, no way of knowing who the “papa” was.

Diamond Eyes did set a few small OP hips for me and a couple crosses took. It appears to be better as a pollen parent as all crosses took. It showed average resistance to BS this season but tolerates it well. Because of the parentage and coloring I’ll be keeping this one for at least one more season. A lot will depend on what my F1s look like.