Descriptions for sections of Rosa

I have been having a hard time trying to find a resource that goes into the features that characterize each section of species within Rosa. For instance, Synstylae (including R. multiflora, R. setigera…) has fused styles that tend to be elongated and plants tend to be climbers, but beyond that are there more features? What are the distinguishing features for the others? I am working on an article on rose species and would love to organize it by sections and describe some of the section features well.



You surely do know Yvan Louette site Botarosa and its pages about: "L’

Wow, Thank you Pierre. That looks like what I am looking for. I am so glad that there was something I could click on to get a rough translation into English. Thank you again. David

There is an older book at a local library that does that. It is from the 50’s though. I’ll try to remember the name but it is eluding me.

Perhaps this article will be of use, although it looks like their characterization of sections is molecular rather than morphological.


Is this the site you people are talking about??


It is and automatic translation among others of the french word “rose” is “pink” here instead of the correct rose.