Denver ARS Convention

Did any RHA member attend the Denver Convention and if so could you highlight the RHA business meeting? Thank you.


We had a great meeting. Jim Sproul presented an outstanding program about his hybridizing program. I am on the road home, as well as the Petersons, so will put another post here when we get home and go thru the notes.



The main item of business was regarding the increased postage costs and the possibility of an electronic form of the newsletter as I wrote about in the last newsletter. There was a lot of support for this, not only from those attending but from e-mails that I have received from individual members. There have also been postings on an earlier thread here on this forum expressing support as well. As I mentioned, I really hate to see an increase in dues as it typically results in decreased membership - a trend that we do not want! Larry mentioned to me that when he got home he would take a look at the numbers and see what the print costs would be for a reduced number of copies, and what the cost savings might be. I believe he is still on vacation on the way home. We will highlight all of this in the fall newsletter. We should be able to work out the arrangements and move to this method as so many others have done, but there always will be a paper copy available.

There will not be a meeting this fall, as the ARS is not having another convention this year. We probably will have an informal meeting next June at Vancouver B.C. in conjunction with the World Federation, where we can meet with hybridizers from around the world. We will have our next scheduled meeting in Palm Springs in Nov 2009.

John Moe

General Director, RHA


Thanks for the reply about the RHA business meeting. Our membership dues are very reasonable and many news bulletins are now sent electronically. I would be in favor of the proposal.


John Moe: Is the RHA a 501C3 tax deductible corporation. Regardless, let me know what it will take to hold down a dues increase and assuming we don’t get hit by another hurricane in the next couple of months I will be happy to consider a contribution in that amount – so many in the RHA have been kind and generous to me and my daughter I would hate to lose any of these wonderful people to a dues increase.

Bob in New Orleans


Regarding 501C3, I am not sure of that so will have to pass to Larry Peterson to answer. What we were going to look at was whether we could, if by switching to an e-mail newsletter for those that could or would accept one would let us keep our dues as they currently are. I have not heard from Larry regarding this since they have been home. I am confident that we can do this without the need to accept your most generous offer. It is very heartwarming to me knowing that there are members like you that are thinking of the RHA when you have endured so much,and I do thank you for your good thoughts. We will have a writeup regarding this e-mail newsletter topic in the fall newsletter. Thanks again Bob - will keep you posted.

John Moe