Sorry for the generic subject heading but not sure of what to put. I have a dozen OP most likely New Dawn seedlings that are about 4 inches tall. They’re all blooming…of course I want to see the blooms but do I deadhead them or let them form hips? I guess I’m worried they’ll put too much energy into developing the hips and won’t make it through the winter…at this point I’m impressed (but then that is because my only other ones are once blooming and are last year’s seedlings)

Thanks for any suggestions (oh, and I’m zone 4, SE South Dakota–that is why I worry about the winter!!)


I’d suggest deadheading them–I would think hips would be too much for seedlings that small. Once you’ve seen the blooms you might try disbudding for a bit. I’ve found that helps them to grow, especially on seedlings that try to produce a lot of blooms.

Wendy, I agree with Joan. Definitely deadhead your seedlings while they are young so that they can continue to produce more vigorous growth. Usually, later in the season, I will let my seedlings (they are much stronger by then) set hips. Our growing season, however, is very long and we don’t have to worry about winter damage (zone 9). I like to let the best surviving new seedlings to have an opportunity to set hips because I am always looking for new seed parents. Some of your best seed parents will show up in your seedlings. I have found plenty that way.

Jim Sproul