dead shoot on seedling

It was very strange and I actually dug up the plant to make sure it was not 2 seeds growing close together but it was one plant. One stem is growing normally but the other is nothing but a green stick.

I cut it off and hope that is the right thing to do! Has that happened to others and did the seedling mature ok afterwards or is it doomed?



I also wondered if it was good or bad that out of the 10 seedlings that germinated and made it through the winter that only 5 are going good and strong.

Is that a pretty normal rate of survival?

Also, since this is the second season for them do I still snip off buds since they are small still or do I let them flower anyway? Actually, they do not have buds showing yet but I am ever hopeful…

I do plan to let them grow for at least 3 years whether or not I think the blooms are ugly to see what they do when they grow more mature. So far all are showing pretty good resistance but I think it is more towards fall that we get the blackspot badly so I will remember to note it down if they do get it or not…

Anyway, it is exciting even if they are not my own crosses but seeds sent by a friend!


I let the seedlings bloom even it it’s the first bud. It doesn’t seem to harm them. Irregularities in seedlings are common. Not all of them are destined to be normal, let alone beautiful.

It has grown a bit but is still only the one cane after I cut the other one off. I will go ahead and leave it and see what it does next year but was wondering if the poor thing is a lost cause now.

It has grown about 2 times the size it was but still just about a foot tall.

There is another one that is also just one cane so far but it seems to be growing pretty good.

Are there some that just never flourish like this or if I wait enough years will they become bushy?