David Zlesak's 'Pycnacantha'

A number of years ago I accepted David’s offer of ‘Pycnacantha’ seeds. It’s a lovely species type rose from Russia with thick bright green leaves that darken slightly as summer progresses, with flowers in clusters along the canes. It grows up before the canes cascade. It is self fertile & produces copious round hips. It does well in soggy & dry sandy soil. It blooms in early summer at the same time as modern roses.

At the time the assumption was that it was a pentaploid. As a test this year I put both tetraploid & diploid pollen on a few flowers. I got big hips from the tetraploid & little hips from the diploid. To date, I haven’t planted any of the op hips.

This plant doesn’t look like anything in my experience. Is there an update about it’s origins & ploidy?