Darlow's ploidy?

Does anyone happen to know the ploidy of Darlow’s Enigma, or even an educated guess? I’m guessing diploid, but I’d like to know for sure. Thanks.


I have worked with Darlow a lot and when crossed with a tetraploid the seedlings act like triploids so I would safely guess it is diploid also. To use as a seed parent it works best with mini’s and shrubs. I get hundreds of crossed hips each year. About 25 % are non remortant depending on the pollen parent. I keep it for last as it will set hips all Summer for me. I have several hundred hips now with Persian Sunset pollen and will probably get quite a few non remortant with that cross.


I would also guess diploid, Paul. OP seedlings (almost certainly selfs)included one which was almost identical to our local wild multiflora. Not conclusive, to be sure, but the flower is like that of multiflora in looks and scent.

Further evidence that Darlow’s Enigma is diploid:

Pollen measurements by Henry Kuska of an OP Darlow’s Enigma seedling give a range of pollen sizes consistent with diploidy. See two series of images beginning at the following addresses (one here and one in the page link below):



Link: picasaweb.google.com/HAKuska/MicroscopePictures02#5111306506796130242

Excellent, thanks for that info! Thats what I expected.