Dark Leaves

[attachment=0]purple 001.JPG[/attachment]It’s not easy for these all dark leaved seedlings to survive but there are four from last year that made it thru the winter.

purple 001.JPG

Quite pretty, Neil. I have quite a few with deep foliage like that from last year. The only thing I resent about them is how much more easily they fry with extreme heat, sun and aridity. They require partial shade here or they are ‘burnt offerings’.

Nice foliage Neil, I love the dark foliage too and select for it. I have a lot of shade in my yard so it works for me. What is the cross?

The dark foliage is going on two months now with just the little green you can see. These are in the full sun and later should turn more green.

I was able to get a huge amount of o.p. hips of Strike It Rich trying to get a look a like of Belle Epoque Sunflor which just came back on the market last year in Europe and the four showed up.