cuttings of male R. setigera to give away

I have some rooted cuttings of a male Rosa setigera plant to share. R. setigera is the only rose species with functionally male and female plants, although both stamens and pistils are present in each flower. The plant the cuttings were taken from is located at the MN Landscape arboretum in cold hardiness zone 4 and has survived there for years without much if any dieback. R. setigera is in the Synstylae section and has a strong trailing / climbing habit like other species in this section. A Canadian researcher, Kevan, studied R. setigera and found males have more flowers which is probably due to architectural differences and the benefit for male morphs to be able to produce more pollen. Perhaps not making hips the season before may help with energy reserves too. So, if one is interested in using R. setigera in breeding, perhaps using a male would produce more floriferous seedlings.

If you want a plant or two please E-mail me your address.


David Zlesak

Oh, I forgot to say that this clone is diploid- I confirmed its chromosome number to be 14.