Cuttings of I89-2

I would like to make this rose available to anyone in the USA that is interested in trying the Hulthemias. It is my second repeat blooming Hulthemia and has value because it is just 2 generations from ‘Tigris’ and fully remontant. It also gives some very warm colors. It is a cross of [(‘Orangeade’ X ‘Abraham Darby’) X ‘Midnight Blue’] X ‘Persian Sunset’.

I could send unrooted cuttings anytime in the next couple weeks. This one probably only has one “dose” of the blotch gene(s), but has the largest blotch of this group. It has very good pollen fertility.

Jim Sproul

Very fertile and produces huge quantities of pollen.

The only down side to this rose I’ve found is that it has a strong tendency to produce doubles, not normally a problem but makes it harder to see the blotch in offspring.

Like most Hulthemia derivatives, quite prickly.


I would like one. Does it lighten in color when the flower gets older?

Daniel Pennell


It’s a rare opportunity and a generous offer. I’ll send you my particulars.

I’m not concerned about the doubleness as my main interest in it is for bridging Sericea’s winged thorn trait.

Robert, how big has your plant grown? I have had some luck using singles with it to cut down on the petal count. I would cross it with whatever single seed parents you have and then cross the best of those with each other - doubling the blotch “dose”. The doubling step makes a big difference.

Daniel, yes the color lightens some as the bloom ages. It produces a range of seedlings from dark pink to bright yellow depending on what it is crossed with.

Daniel and Don, please send me your address and when you can take unrooted cuttings. If you need me to root cuttings, I would be happy to, but it would take longer to get them to you.

Jim Sproul

Jim, “I89-2’ is still fairly short for me, maybe only 18” high and wide.

It would probably be larger but I put it in the ground. Something about the sand and gravel soil here slows many things down considerably.

I need to experiment with I89-2 more. I’ve got too many projects going on at once.


The cuttings have arrived in great shape, thanks very much!


The cuttings arrived today. Thank you Jim.

Don and Adam,

I’m glad to hear that the cuttings arrived. Both I89-2 and G34 produce lots of fertile pollen. G34 sets hips very well, but germination is extremely poor.

Best wishes as you experiment with them!

Jim Sproul