Curious seedling

From last year, a seedling now proving to be very worthwhile. Fascinating color, a mahogany-red with a deep purple overlay. Blooms in clusters of up to 15 and has superb vigor. Four foot canes now on a seedling that is 13 months old.

Parentage involves Little Darling, Yellow Magic, Barbara Worl and Brown Velvet!


When we first visited Whit Wells out near Memphis, he pointed out a rose and said that he had seen so much depth and variety of color in it that he just couldn’t help using it in a lot of his hybridizing.

When I first opened this thread, I remembered Whit’s important parent and wondered if this would fill a similar niche for you.


How is Brown Velvet treating you? Ive tried a few crosses with it that failed but I wanted to know if those super long peduncles passed along or not.

Great color! Is there any fragrance? That’s quite a diverse group of roses in its parentage.

Paul, the photo link above for your curious seedling no longer functions and I’m curious to see this bloom. Any chance you remember what it was?



I believe he’s referring to Dragon’s Blood.


Mark is correct; that was eventually named ‘Dragon’s Blood’.

Thanks, I wondered if that might be it. I have only to go out in my back yard to have a peak at it then :slight_smile:

This one is on my must have list for next season. LOVE the color. Paul was kind enough to send me DB pollen which I put on anything in bloom. Can’t wait to see some seedlings from these crosses.

I tried to make a few crosses with Dragon’s Blood this year, but the only thing that seemed to take was with “Toujours Gai.” Love that rose, though, well done, Paul!