Crown Gall

Anyone know if crown gall can be passed thru seed and pollen?

I would doubt that it can. But it can be passed along on the unsterilized surfaces of pots, flats, and other containers that have had gall-infected plants in them. And it can be passed along in planting media too (I’m talking about soil mixes and soil-less mixes too). In the past 2 years more than a dozen of my bucketed plants developed crown gall. The only thing that they had in common is that they were all repotted about the same time. The chances are pretty good that the Pro-Mix BX I used was all from the same bale. The pots were new. Do the best you can to sterilize the pots from plants that get gall, and hope for the best. Certainly I’d not re-use the “soil” they were in without heat-treating it. Gall happens even in the best of families, but a bit of common sense will decrease its incidence. Soak those pots in a bleach solution before using them again.

From the abstract below it appears thar it could be spread through the air. I do not have the complete paper.


Thanks. The plant was planted in a very large clay pot. I threw out the soil and sprayed the pot with Lysol. I hope that’s enough. I was more concerned about the seedlings that came from that mother/father plant.


I have seen no evidence that crown gall is passed from the mother plant to its offspring. I work with one very well established breeding plant that has had crown gall for years, but never seen it develop in its seedlings. It may be possible, but I expect the chances are very slim.


Thanks Paul, that’s good news.

Henry, that does make sense.

I ran across a site that looks quite interesting. They sell two products, Gallex and Galltrol which sound promising. Check them out. Anyone know anything about these?