crimpled petals

I would love to see whether this rose is called for in the market, It is a rugosa, blanda, woodsii, china rose hybrid.

It is everblomming and stands up to the elements of zone 2a

If you like it or not please tell me

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Wow, Johannes, that’s a beauty! I’d love to try a cross of it and my crinkled-petal one! Yes, by all means, do release it!



What a beauty. Release it and I’ll buy one for my mountain home where winter hardiness is more of a factor than it is here in New Orleans. How do you think it would do in a no spray garden. Have you tried it as a parent?

Zone 2a – Where do live – the North Pole? You must have a very short growing season.

Bob in New Orleans

I have not tested it’s fertility but most of these crosses are pollen fertile. Sorry it is only a diploid if your crinkle is a tetraploid.

I live on the Alaska Hyw in nothern Alberta

I would love to see whether this rose is called for in the market…I live on the Alaska Hyw in nothern Alberta

Yes, I think there is a market for this rose.

Well, diploid, tetrapoid… it’d be fun try anyway, and I’d love to have one just because it’s such a beauty!


Thanks for info. I have lots of diploid roses and also, being new and imbued with Ralph Moore’s philosophy of “the rose will find a way” am willing to try anything. He created all kinds of wonerful roses from the diploid r. bracteate.

I repeat, you put it on the market and I’ll buy it for my mountain home – like Fara, I think it is a beauty and not the same old same old.

Bob in New Orleans


One further compliment. They look like silk flowers in the picture.

Bob in New Orleans