Crested Sweetheart

Okay, there are so much petals that there aren’t really any anthers, but I do find them. Yet it seems that they don’t release them after drying. Everyone says its sterile, but if it makes anthers, that could mean that it makes pollen. How to get the pollen out? Crushing them doesn’t seem to to anything. I have Crested Sweetheart trained on a low fence next to Buff Beauty (which has been in trauma lately). Looks very nice. Starting to interweave.


you can dry and crush the anthers, but I think you will find that the tiny amount of pollen you get pollen is totally non-viable. You would be much better off to choose Crested Jewel to work with, as this is the rose that nearly 100% of Ralph’s crested work has come from. It makes seeds and has extremely fertile pollen. It is important to remember that the rate at which you make progress is as important as the choices of parents you make.


I have Crested Jewel too, and it is strarting to make good growth. I think Cresed Sweetheart is a better plant then Crested Jewel.

Crested Sweetheart is a better plant in many ways, but the best plants don’t always make good breeders! :wink:

I’m trying to breed from Crested Sweetheart again… This time I emasculated 27 flowers. It took a long while to carefully remove the anthers.

I’m more determined this season-- If I’ve timed it right, I attempt to pollinate Queen Elizabeth, the most fertile rose with higher seed count, this Monday.

A few years ago I was visiting Ralph Moore at Sequoia Nursery and he showed me a semi-double sport of Crested Sweetheart. It had also sported the ability to set seed. Many hips were collected and he and I shared them between us. I germinated about a dozen seedlings, none of which had any vigor. They were all potted up to 1 gallon pots and given the best treatment, including spraying to prevent disease. They were some of the weakest growing seedlings I have ever grown and after two years, none of them has flowered. They are all under 18" tall. They all mildew and blackspot badly, have very poor, malformed foliage. Considering these terrible results, I think you would be well advised to pursue work with Crested Jewel instead, which has been the best source of cresting to date. The photo below is my own seedling: Marbree X Crested Jewel.


I am working with Crested Jewel-- although, it has never really build up. It lacks so much vigor and is so disease prone.

I’m still determined…

Who knows, I could get lucky at least once. My belief is that the more flowers I use, the bigger my chances are to recieve something.

And I’m also reminded about David Austin’s attempts with Iceberg. He claimed that first generations seedlings were weak, but they provided him a step to other more disease resistant roses such as Heritage, Graham Thomas, etc.

I don’t have nothing to lose at all-- except flowers.(Last night I emasculated nearly 50 flowers–) And the prospect that I could get something when others didn’t get does excite me a litte…

I forgot–

Very lovely pic-- is this Crested Demask, or a sibbling?