Crested Moss X Henry Fonda

My Crested Moss finally got a few blooms. I only found a few anthers and there is no pollen that I can see. So not to be discouraged with one of my end goals I threw some Henry Fonda pollen on the CM’s. I was hoping to do a back and forth cross of CM and HF because I have questions about the ability of CM to set hips. It’s too late now, but I was wondering about CM’s pollen count (or lack of it) and if it readily sets hips. I was hoping for at least a little pollen. HMF lists a few crosses of CM but they are very few.

The reason for this cross was an attempt (long range) to have a bright yellow crested rose that I can eventually shrink to a miniature. I chose HF because of the color, but I’m not sure how well it passes yellow to its offspring. HF did give me a ton of pollen and HMF indicates it does set hips.

What I’m thinking is that this is how breeding roses works. Maybe it will work and then again maybe not, but it’s worth giving it a try.


The reverse cross would have been better. Henry Fonda is a fairly easy seed parent once established, (though it’s somewhat susceptible to Powdery Mildew).

If you found anthers on crested Moss, you can bet there is pollen there.

Sometimes it’s best to collect the blossom and or anthers and let the pollen dehisce for several hours, or over night before it is used, stored, or frozen.

Thanks Robert:

I still have the anthers. I just don’t see any powdery pollen. Maybe I need to get out the magnifying glass.


Henry Fonda only Mildews when conditions are favorable. Most of the time it’s fairly clean.

You will need to dry the anthers thoroughly and then crush them to get their pollen. As Robert said, if you got anthers, then there is pollen there. You just have to get it out of the anthers. Crested Moss won’t form seeds so don’t spend your energy trying to make that happen.

I’m irresistably driven to yellows also. Henry Fonda needs continuous spraying here.

And if you’re going to spray; Midas Touch or Arthur Bell are better roses (in my opinion). Sunbright, Eclipse and Chinatown are comparable.

And although it takes YEARS to establish (and a different class of rose than those above), Golden Showers does well spray free and sets seed easy.

‘Arthur Bell’ will produce seed with some pollen parents, but the germination rate is abysmally poor. It makes a much better pollen parent and my seedlings this year indicate that it is capable of breeding some very decent clear oranges and yellows. It is one of my best yellow shrubs. I don’t know why this isn’t more widely grown.

Jon, ‘Henry Fonda’ black spots badly? Where are you located? I’m glad I only used it one season. I got some things to carry forward but who knows there they are at for Blackspot resistance. I’ll try to mix them with something clean and see what happens.

Midas Touch had a strange ungainly growth habit as an own-root plant for me. I didn’t like it. I let it go last year. I have some seedlings out of it now but all are pale yellow. I got one mauve.

I’ve got seedlings out of Arthur Bell but Paul is right about the germination rate. It’s pretty low. In fact I got zero germination from a large quantity of Arthur Bell x (Rugelda x R15) seed.

Chinatown has been a good parent for me but my old specimen didn’t flower at all here this season. I suspect it didn’t get enough chill. In a good year Chinatown is essentially a once bloomer here, at least for me where I generally don’t baby anything.

Im going with Shockwave this year. I know it sets hips with ease. Also, it has a more favorable habit over most bright yellows.

With Eglantine in its ancestry, I’m curious whether the seeds of Arthur Bell look like R. canina seeds?

So far this year my Henry Fonda has remained clean.


Thanks for advising to crush the anthers. I would have never thought of that.


Mission accomplished… Henry Fonda X Crested Moss. :slight_smile: Plus a couple of other CM crosses just for kicks.



“Where are you located?”

E.TN. It’s not exactly one of the best places to grow yellow roses. I keep my eyes open for them, though, and every now and then I see one that seems to do well.

I have an (unknown name) 3-4" double yellow with a red eye, semi-climbing or pegging type, rooted cutting I took from a neighbor that seems to do well for this area. He said it was at least 50 yrs old and that it was his moms (…and he was old).

Jeff, do you have ‘Cal Poly’? If crested yellow minis are your goal (and I am impressed by your recognition that this may take a few generations, and you’re wanting to do it anyway!), ‘Cal Poly’ has set hips way better for me than ‘Henry Fonda’, and it reportedly has very good blackspot resistance. It does get powdery mildew for me here in Bakersfield, but it is a good yellow.

Not to “toot my own horn”, but ‘First Impression’ is a very good yellow pollen parent that has been quite clean for me especially good against powdery and downy mildew (no assessment yet on blackspot).

Jim Sproul

With Eglantine in its ancestry, I’m curious whether the seeds of Arthur Bell look like R. canina seeds?"

The Arthur Bell line likes to produce modern climbers and pillars at whim.


I do have Cal Poly. The crosses from the first flush of blooms all aborted. From a previous thread it was said that it may have been because the plants are still young. So far CP has been clean for me. I’m getting some buds on them again so maybe I’ll give it another try. I probably have a couple more weeks that I can still spread pollen.

And by the way, you can toot you horn all you want. You have some great roses.