cream colored cotyledon on seedling

I have one seedling that has cream colored cotyledons. This is not something I’ve come across before. Has anyone experienced this before and what can I expect from this one?

Sounds like an albino. We covered this not long ago. Most die from lack of chlorophylla.

Jim Sproul has had a few that developed green leaves after the fact and grew up to be normal looking.

Thanks for the reply Robert. I’ll search on the subject here.

I had a large number of albino seedlings this year from a open pollinated seed parent. I suspect they were selfs. I’ve heard albinism is more prevalent in inbred seedlings.

What you write makes sense Robert. This one of mine came from an openly pollinated seed from Mystic Meidiland. I found the original thread on this subject and found it to be interesting reading. Thanks again.