Correction on Rosa foliolosa

Hold the phone.

Larry Davis questioned why pink is shown as the dominant color of Foliolosa when its called the White Prairie Rose. He points out that Walter Lewis published a subsequent article in Southwestern Naturalist on Foliolosa that questions the characterization of the species as pink and the white-flowered White Prairie rose as a form. I ordered a reprint. Anyone with access to a the Jstor system can access the article at the link.

So…the plot thickens and the odds that the bright fuchsia form in commerce is a hybrid may be increasing.


Last Fall I did collect seeds from my R. foliolosa, both intentional crosses and open pollinated seed. I have numerous seedlings from both. Currently I have about 35 self-seedlings of R. foliolosa and from this group I will likely select five or six for further observation. The rest will be available to anyone in the continental US for breeding purposes. These seedlings will likely be ready to ship in late June, give or take. Feel free to request a few plants if you want to work with them, or perhaps just wish to study the plant for taxonomic purposes.

There are likely still some of last year’s seeds on the plant if anyone on another continent would like to grow it from seed. Although these have taken some hard freezes, I expect they are still viable. Our North American species tend to remain viable even after exposure to some pretty harsh environmental events.

Pardon this little distraction folks…

Hey Simon. I’ve had to cut down on the number of new roses I can realistically find space to plant this season, so I am not going ahead with this foliolosa purchase this season after all… I cancelled my order, but this same plant should still be available for purchase at Golden Vale Nursery if you wanna still go for it. 0:)