Coral Dawn x Sangerhauser Jubleaum Rose.

Coral dawn x Sangerhausen is opening.


Seedling with a touch of pink.

No smell yet.

nice :slight_smile:

Very nice Tim, congratulations!

Tim: WOW! Is this the first bloom on the seedling? Also is fragrance something that can develope as the plant matures or is it generally obvious from the get go? Can you tell I am a beginner – or at least a new beginning after 30 years.


Yes this is the first bloom. Now it is more open I sniffed a little sweet fragrance. I’m a beginner to. :slight_smile: The further blossom is in lot cases more developed than the first blossom.

Thanks people!


Scent is rather pointless to gauge til about the 3rd bloom at least. Theyre just too small as seedlings.

Well my female neighbour sniffed it couple minutes ago and she loved it. LOL. :smiley: (women love roses :wink: )

From what I have observed with my own seedlings…a first bloom that does not have fragrance, doesn’t necessarily mean the rose will not have fragrance at all. It may develop some scent as it matures. However, those that have very strong fragrance right from the first bloom…typically remain pretty potent. I think I’ve only had a few seedlings that started with mild fragrance that ended up not having much of any scent when they were mature, and I have never had a strong scented first bloom seedling loose it’s scent later on.

On a side note, ironically (since I breed for fragrance) there is a particular scent that seems to occur more often with orange blend roses than other colors that I can not smell at all, but my husband will say is very fragrant. A good example…DH loves the scent of ‘Tropicana’…for me…I can’t smell a thing from it. LOL Needless to say…I always have him do sniff tests on the seedlings I don’t think have fragrance…just to be sure. LOL

Male and Female sensory is vastly different. Weird note: ones immunity may have different sensitivities or arrousals to certains compounds. lol biology is pretty cool.

Timo, beautiful seedling!!

Damn, it’s infertile!


It’s quartered…but not usable…this is disapointed.

Nice one! Maybe future blooms will give some stamens and you can use it as a pollen parent.

See what the future brings; agree with Rob. Infertile roses may not be good for future breeding but they can make excellent garden roses since you don’t have to dead head and they just keep on blooming. It’s a beauty.


Thanks guys!

Their are 2 new buds and I’m very curious how full they will be. Wasn’t planning to put it in the trashcan. :slight_smile:

Rob, collect some Sangerhauser-pollen this season for me, I want to try it on CG. I love the (like they say at HMFR ) “old-fashioned” bloomform. :slight_smile:

OK, last pictures of this seedling for now. lol



Fully opened!


Few seedlings turn out to be totally infertile. They usually develop anthers and or stigma depending on time of year, weather and growing conditions.

I like this one Tim. Congrats.