Congrats Terry. I think the form and colour is wounderful.

Now Paul O would know more than this than I would. Perhaps in Alberta we could have a Devonian Gardens sales of these rose (and grapes,plums,iris) where the plants could be showcased and sold in the sales there for profit going to the garden and the breeder.

Perhaps also plants and the rose garden in St Albert could now be done in a similar way.

I have been working with the shape, Terry, with more of the old tea shape. The first two pictures are out of focus of one with lovely tight buds Can you believe they are a hybrid with Rosa woodsii? and are hardy taking a -43c last year. and yes they do rebloom

The 3rd picture is a rose that is near impossible to photo. It has petals like a parrot tulip, not at all like fimbriata. I like these little surprises

A purple climber is also on its way



That first one has some good looking foliage, R. woodsi huh? I like the mean looking rugosa-like prickers on that third one also…it looks fragrant. Is it?

Very interesting indeed, Johannes. Care to reveal its other parent?


Wow those are some thorny canes on the third ones. But very nice looking plants.

The five pictures are a cross of (Rosa rugosa alba X R. woodsii ‘winsorpark clone’) X Martin Frobisher. This is the first cross that I have done enmasse, 400 seedlings. I got only 27 rebloomers and were mostly white I am assuming that white colour and rebloom genes are tied together. The characteristics for the common were for ratty bloom shape that was limp in wet weather. Very ugly.

the first two are of one clone that needs abit more work to reduce petal count :40 to 20 so that they do not ball as readily. Am using a single petalled reblooming sport of (R. woodsii X White Pavement). This is the rose I was breeding for when I planed this cross -They are like Perles d’Or.

Alot of people who see the third think that it is beautiful. It has charm just not for me. This clone was not expected in my plans. The red thorns on the 4th are common to most of the clones they give life to the garden before flowers come and mid winter. #4 is a predicted one, long buds from rugosa, hardness from woodsii flower shape from Martin Frobisher. The surprise is the flickering of pink on a white base like Morden Ruby.

Sorry forgot to mention that the fragrance is like R. woodsii not as potent as R. rugosa.