Congratulations Paul Barden

Page 34 of the March 2004 issue of the American Rose lists a rose registration for “Ardorisha” (Oshun - ARS exhibition name). Its parentage is listed as Abraham Darby X Abraham Darby. Its human parent (hybridizer) is listed as Paul Barden.

The flowers are an apricot blend, 4 inch diameter (wow!), and have 41+ petals. It has intense fragrance (rose and citrus), and the plant reaches a height of 4 to 7 feet (bushy shrub or small climber).

It is listed as being “very disease resistant”; no mention of how often it repeats (blooms borne in small clusters), nor how hardy it is. It holds its color well in hot weather.

Congratulations, Paul! How about a picture and more info? How does it compare to Abe Darby?

Thanks Henry, Judith!


for a photo.

As compared to Abe D., it is bushier, with flatter blooms that hold color better in hot weather. It repeats reliably and I expect it would be as hardy as its parent. It certainly has better disease resistance than Abe does.


Oh Paul, it’s gorgeous!! The color is just yummy! And the shape, wow! Congratulations is right. And bushier means no “jolly green giant” syndrome? Looks like you do have a winner there! I can’t wait to buy one!