Jim Turner has a very nice article in the July issue of the “American Rose” magazine on Mauve roses.

Jim is our WebMaster here at the RHA Forum.

Well done Jim!



Thanks! About a year and half ago, our society’s newsletter editor talked me into writing a series of monthly articles. Many of the articles, including the one reprinted in the “American Rose”, were written at the last minute about whatever I was thinking about at the time. Unbeknownst to me, the editor submitted my articles to the annual ARS newsletter article contest. I was very surprised when I was informed that two of them won Awards of Merit. I was even more surprised a few weeks later when an editor from the “American Rose” called to ask permission to reprint one of them. If I had known the article was going to be published there, I would have written it much more carefully. On the other hand, if I had written it more carefully, it might have gotten bogged down in details and caveats and be of less interest to the general reader.

Way to go Jim! Will be waiting for the magazine.

I read it last night and didnt even notice your name at the top. It was interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Perhaps we will see more in the not so distant future? :slight_smile:

Very good article! Thanks, Jim.