Condoleezza source?

Does anyone know a source for Condoleezza?

I’m almost sure I saw it on Armstrongs availability last week-I will check on monday-I would think you could get it through the nursery outlets if your in Ca.-they don’t do mail order. Jackie

Until Texas A&M gets their inventory straightened out and propagated, I don’t think there are any suppliers left for this rose. I can see if my plant has suitable wood for cuttings and strike a few.


Thanks Paul, I would appreciate that.


Was this rose named for Condoleezza Rice?

Don, I checked a history of my searches, and I must have seen it in late April, shortly before Sequoia closed. I remember the name because I had the thought that it must be named after Rice, based on its introductory date. When you are over 60, April just seems like yesterday. Jackie

Jackie, thanks very much for checking for me.

I wrote to Nor’East Miniature Roses and have just heard back from them that they will start selling Ralph Moore’s roses beginning in September. Whether this will include Condoleezza or any other specific variety is still an unknown.

When you are over 60, April just seems like yesterday.

I’m not far behind you and am already too well aware of that. It’s a double edged sword, though, in that waiting seems easier too.