Condesa de Sastago

Does anyone have experience with this rose?

I’ve grown it. Nice rose. Good color. Shiny leaves. The blossom lasts about 2 days, as I recall. Maybe a bit tender and a bit disease-prone, but worth growing. Can be spectacular when a whole bush is in bloom.

What do you want to know about it?


I haven’t found much info on it, either on the forums, or HMF. One of the local growers keeps offering it & I was wondering if it might be happy in the garden, or possible for breeding. Everything is “tender” here (southern Ontario)by American standards. By local standards it’s tender if it dies.

Does it produce pollen & set hips easily?

The pollen is no problem, I think. I don’t recall seeing hips on it, but then again, I was growing it in the mid 1960s, before I began hybridizing, and the plant died sometime before 1972 (when I made my first crosses). The flowers are pretty normal; I never saw even one vegetative or deformed center, and there are plenty of pistils.

I’d say go for it if you’re interested in using it.

Even if it’s a difficult parent as a female (and I have no reason to think that it is), it will surely be fine as a male (maybe a condesa can be a guy…). Why don’t you give it a try and let us know what happens?

It sets hips just fine in cooler conditions. I’ve never sown the seed but apparently it’s quite viable by the offspring listed. Ralph Moore produced at least one large flowered variety a few years ago using it. Thanks, Robert

Thanks guys.

This is one of my favorite roses (I even have a bright yellow sport of it from my garden that I sent to Gregg out at Vintage to put back on the market; I assume it’s the same as the earlier ‘Yellow Condessa,’ though this one gets flamed with orange in cooler weather almost like ‘McGredy’s Sunset’). A few years ago I used it a lot and found it to be reliable both as a pod and pollen parent. It does, however, have some Blackspot problems it passes along, but it also does some really neat bicolor tricks, so it’s a trade off. Also, it has the same hard, shiny foliage from its pollen parent ‘Margaret McGredy’ as 'Peace’has, and this does get passed on. One of the prettiest roses I’ve made is from Condessa pollen on Gold Medal–it’s a big, fluffy bloom with intense gold and hot pink colors–but it’s neck is a little too weak. I’ve been using the pollen of this cross for a couple of years to see if I can get the same bloom with a stronger neck, but I’ve stopped using Condessa itself so much. Still, there’s plenty there to uncover if it proves to be hardy enough in your climate (I’m a little south of Atlanta, so I don’t know much about hardiness).