Comte de Chambord lovers

I ran across this brownsing the Ashdown Roses site.

I dont have any interest in CdeC but I remember a few of you were looking for ways to incorporate CdeC in your programs.

Wow, I did that same cross over two years ago-- but I lost it when I couldn’t find the tagged hips.

I was inspired to make this cross when I saw The Countryman.

I’m more interested, however, to work with Gertrude Jeckyll, a seedling from CdeC. Some breeders say no, but I feel that I could make a great cross with the pollen of Baby Love. Right now, I only have seedlings with Perfume Perfection, a cross I never planned.

I don’t know, but I’m having trouble seeing the CdC influence in that rose - I wonder if it could have been an accidental self.

Im not going to agree or dispute that because Im not all that familiar with CdeC, but what I do know is that Alhoa can have rather dominant tendencies.

Yeah, I’m not really sure either - I was just wondering aloud. It would be nice to see one in person.