Computer filing system for crosses

I am interested in gettin a program that i would be able to chart my seedlings. What I am looking for is is mostly programs that will show pedigree and decendant. Also where male and female are interchangable. Any help ou there?

I had searched some hours and all that I found was human pedigree (tree-printing) software and some special sites about dog and horse breeding.

I decided to develop a ‘cloud computing’ based web application especially for rose breeding.

I had some initial ideas about what the software should do and it is working fine now.

A little problem is that the software at the moment simply does what I suggested to do.

It will take some time to make some changes for other people to use it in a way they like to do (all this human interface stuff).

At the moment, while using the 2009 beta version I have some new ideas.

I would like to implement some useful functions other breeders would like to have.

Please send an email if You are interested in administering to this software.


Thanks Rene,

I am interested in your software. I am glad that you contacted me.


This might be somewhat like what you are looking for-I think there is an old reference to it on this forum. Hope this helps.