[attachment=2]et 004.JPG[/attachment][attachment=2]et 004.JPG[/attachment]Made a free haul before breakfast last year. 10 bags of compost, some cans, plus blocks for a raised bed for minis.
This was very good when used to plant seedlings in the ground. It looks an smells like something out of a pig pen. With the heavy clay soil the holes need to be flooded once or twice then a big gob added and flooded again. Next muck an opening for the seedling, fill in, add the small spoon of Miracle- Gro or such, press down, and water again. Osmocote can be too strong at times.
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The photos come out in reverse order.
Anyway the compost pile is good to use in the spring before fertilizing.
If used in pots or cups mix 50% with dirt and stir in some perlite.
Most is worm casings and a lot will wash out so deep trays are used to save the compost tea in 5 gal. buckets, up to seventy gal. at a time and added to the top of the seedlings in the dry shallow trays.
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2914 compost 001.JPG
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