Collecting pollen and storage time

I’m a beginner trying to hybridize for the first time this year, please forgive my lack of knowledge. I wanted advice on whether I can keep pollen for more more than 24 hours or a week in a container or if the pollen dries out. Also would anyone know if after removing the petals and pollen if the center somewhat fuzzy eye is what is needed to place the pollen(on the original Centifolia plant the stigma looks like almost different than other roses)… I read I have to remove the male Part stigma of the plant please confirm, because I wanted to collect pollen from a Centifolia flower plant labeled 1 and pollinate another Centifolia plant labeled 2 but keep the flower bud of Centifolia plant 1 able to be used if I wanted to use it to be pollinated with Centifolia plant 2 If that makes sense can it be accomplished if I remove the stigma… Any help would be appreciated.

I keep my pollen in the room with the lid off for several days and use it during that time. I want it to dry out sufficiently for storage. After a few days I snap the lid on (very small container like Tupperware) and place it in the freezer. If I collect more of that pollen it goes in a tiny bowl until it dries thoroughly, and then gets added to the container in the freezer. Be sure to warm the container to room temperature and then dry off before opening. The condensation would ruin the pollen. I will continue to do this until I either run out of that rose on the bush or until I have enough pollen for that season and the beginning of the next season. This will open up a lot more crosses early in the season for you, if you wish to do it.
Yes, the middle is where the pollen goes. I will do the cross both ways at first to test and see (usually), some work for seed parents and some don’t. I do this, as you said, by removing pollen from each plant and then applying it the opposite plant.I have read there may be issues with centifolias, but others could give better info on that than I can. Perhaps they would work for pollen on a different plant. Or perhaps you could test and see. Maybe if you can say which variety they are someone could give you specific information.

Oh yes, and welcome to hybridizing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!


Thank you!