Code system proposal

I’m thinking it might be nice to have an easy system for describing your experiences with parents and seedlings - a quick code that we could use. Often people will say something like “it’s a good parent” but without a verbal explanation of what that means,we are left guessing. So here is what I’m proposing. A code system describing easy seed setting ‘S’, easy pollen parent ‘P’, seeds germinate easily ‘G’, babies are healthy ‘H’. Or, we could break down the last one for mildew “m” and black spot resistant “bs” and using a “?” used for unknown and placing an ‘x’ before the letter would say it is poor at that function. So if I were talking about Fabulous! for example, it would look something like this:

“My Fabulous! bush (S,?P,G,M/xBS)has produced…” This would mean it’s a good seed setter in my garden, don’t know about pollen, good germinator, seedlings are mildew resistant but not black spot resistant.

Does this make sense? Too complicated? Unnecessary?

Comments or improvements please?

Fine with me. The code would be a positive introduction to my record keeping, too. I’m big on charts.