climbing clotilde soupert as a parent??

I have been strangely drawn to this old plant as of late.

Last year, on a whim, I emasculated some blooms and hit them with the pollen of Royal Bonica just to see if they would set. Large hips began to set, but life got in the way of my ever harvesting them and attempting to germinate them…

I know that Dr Van Fleet played with it some at the turn of the century, but its lineage never established itself in the high-centered-or-nothing 20th century tastes, and it doesn’t appear to have been revisited despite its (to my mind) merits.

Given that I happen to like cabbagey-shaped fragrant flowers, do you think this rose might have much merit as a breeder? It’s fairly free blooming, vigorous and healthy for me in hot, muggy BS-heaven.


I think it would be worthwhile. Do you have Trier? That would be an interesting combo.

Clotilde Soupert mildews badly here.

Awww, bummer!