Climber 'Rhonda'

I have thought of acquiring the Climber ‘Rhonda’ to use in a breeding program with other ‘New Dawn’ hybrids. I note it is once again available from Canadian Tire box stores. If someone has any experience growing this cultivar or even breeding with it, I would appreciate information about its performance.

There is an old one growing at a nearby specialty nursery in their garden (Joy Creek Nursery). It is own-root and at least 10 years old. I like the flower form. It has crap for vigor, though, and the bloom color becomes muddy. The foliage doesnt really look like anything much, either. I considered using it a few years ago, but decided against it. It just doesnt have much to offer other than it is one of the few, rare climbers with any orange tone to it. Also, with Spartan right there in it, I would be wary of rust in its kids.