Cleaning seeds

Well, now into September I’m finding myself with approximately 1600 seeds that are almost ready or are currently stratifying, and my thoughts have come around to finding easy ways to clean seeds (surprisingly). Actually, my main thoughts are “what will I do if I get a high germination rate since I have no facility for the seedlings,” but I’ll worry about that later. :astonished:

Has anyone tried using a gem tumbler to clean seeds? I would think this would be a gentle and effective way to do it. Unfortunately, I don’t have one so I can’t try it.

Does anyone have a tumbler to try this?

I am pretty sure that I remember somone stating that he/she used it. Possibly in an early Rose Hybridizing Newsletter.

I have a rock polisher some where if I can find it. Havent used it since I was a kid though so it may not be working. If I can find it and its functional I may try an experiment.

Great! Let us know Steven. I doubt that you’d need to tumble them for long.

Found the rock polisher. It let out a couple of wisps of smoke and made a few odd noises when I plugged it in. Didnt start tumbing. Guess I will have to wait on this experiment.

Hey, I just got a rock tumbler for a $1, and it works!. What would the suggestions be to tumble the seeds with?

Wow, $1? Musta been at a yard sale - good going! I’d try some regular sand first for a few minutes and increase until it looks like all of the pulp is off the seeds. Someone suggested there should be water in there too - we don’t want the seeds to get hot from the friction. Let us know how it goes!