Choose Life

While wondering about the internet this morning I found the announcement of Jim Sproul’s Choose Life. This is a beautiful floribunda and the proceeds go to local charities which promote the concept of choosing life. Congratulations Jim on a beautiful rose and I applaud you for this donation. I hope this one will catch fire and soon be available nationally. Can you post a picture Jim?

Here’s a link to Jim’s blog that has a picture of this rose. The date of the blog is 20 Jan 2013. It is a beautiful looking rose.

Lovely rose, indeed. Unfortunately the name is one that will be fiercely polarizing for many.

Lovely rose!

Thank you all for the thoughtful comments. I had not planned to discuss the rose on this forum due to the potential for division. Roses are named for many reasons. My own roses are often named after my own loved ones, or in honor of other’s loved ones. Some just have silly names because they strike me that way. Still others that I have named are named for a deeper more personal meaning - ‘Grace Amazing’, ‘Forgiveness’, and now, ‘Choose Life’ are examples. As a medical doctor and rose breeder, I have an opinion like everyone else about the meaning and value of life. My desire is to encourage the choice for life. As indicated on my blog, “this rose is dedicated to life - adoption rather than abortion; treatment of depression rather than suicide; and comprehensive end-of-life care for the elderly and terminally ill rather than euthanasia.” For any that are offended by this, please accept my apologies. I have had the opportunity to see life and death “up-close and personal”, so I know that the issues can be very complicated.

You are most welcomed to post your sentiments about the rose on my blog. Please limit comments here on RHA to your opinions about the appearance of the rose, and perhaps questions about its parentage, characteristics, or use for breeding. Thank you once again for your kind comments, and for your understanding.

Jim, congratulations on yet another introduction! I hope you’ll have a few moments to include this, and the new Eyeconics now out through CP on HMF. No one gets the particulars down quite as well as the “parent”! Thanks!