Chlorophyll roses

Around last December, I became interested in green roses, specifically Greensleeves and Green Diamond.

It happened because I read Paul’s remarkable comment about how Golden Angel (which I have…) and Sheri Anne, when used as seed parents will often produce green seedlings.

I haven’t used Golden Angel often or that long, so I never saw a green seedling in the batch. It made some especially beautiful colored English type of roses when I crossed it with Geranium Red. One seedling from last year looks like Pat Austin-- but no green colors. I’ve seen roses that looked green at first such as my Sutter’s Gold X Renae seedling. But they don’t remain like that after a while.

So I thought about using Golden Angel and St. Patrick (My aunt owns a few bushs, so I can take a few of her blooms.) And I thought it would be interesting to make a Golden Angel X Greensleeves cross too.

Although, I heard that Greensleeves is disease prone. And I don’t know if it ever has created other green roses.

Anyways, I want to know what experiances you have. Anyone here have used Green Diamond, St. Patrick, Greensleeves, or Mint Julep?

Enrique, I did some investigating a while back on green or almost green roses and I found one common rose in all thier ancestary. All the ones you mentioned above Golden Angel, St. Patrick, Greensleeves, Green Diamond, Mint Julep have Baby Chateau in its ancestay. I don’t know if it means anything but maybe you would want to do some more investigating along those lines if you are intrested in green roses. Good Luck.


Wow, good research! My green rose came from that line, too (Danae x Pretty Lady). My guess is that it got the green from Freedom which is one of the parents of Pretty Lady because I doubt it was from the Danae side.