Chip budding and indoor x's

How small can a cane be to be chip budded? Is this budding usually done in the 2nd year? Can this be a near microscopic operation?

Does the formation of hips depend on gradually reduced light (autumn) or can the hips mature with 16 hours of shop light everyday?

I brought some of my seedlings from last year which grew outside for six months in the house this winter. The ones that bloom profusely. I have frozen pollen and access to some roses growing indoors. I am xing indoors and they are taking. I am curious as to how much flower production will be reduced if I continually pollinate the same plant as it produces blooms. Any thoughts on this?

My first seedling turns one year old tomorrow. I guess that makes it a plant. I’ve been rereading the documentation I’ve kept on the lives of these creatures as many of you suggest.

Roses shouldn’t have any trouble ripening hips under artificial lights, although I’m curious to know if above-normal lighting periods up to 24 hours per day could shorten the time seeds take to mature or have any other benefits. It seems reasonable to expect that hip setting will tend to reduce new flower production just as it does outdoors, depending naturally on each variety’s inherent abilities and on how each plant reacts to its environment and care. Increasing your lighting time might help with slacking flower production in some types, but you’d have to try it and see for yourself.

I’ve never grafted anything successfully, so I can’t post anything worthwhile on that subject!