China stud roses chromosome number

I was wondering if somebody can clarify the ploidy of the four China stud roses. Chinensis is list as 14, 21, 28 chromosomes. Slater’s Crimson China is claimed (with no reference) to be a triploid on HelpMeFind.

Clarification would be greatly appreciated.


I believe Slater’s Crimson is a Triploid, yes. I believe Old Blush is a Diploid, as HMF states.

There were many early China cultivars in commerce at about the same time, not just the “original four” as our mythology would have us believe. One of these four was in fact a Tea, not a China at all.

Take a look at Brent Dickerson’s excellent article at the URL below for more info.


I’ve heard that Slater’s Crimson China exists in exists in two forms-- a triploid and a diploid. Which one is the original? I’m not sure.

I think this is problematic because there are undoubtedly several cultivars in commerce under this name, and it is even possible that NONE of these is the original Slater’s!