Changes to the RHA Forum

Due to a persistent spammer, I’ve made some changes to the way the forum works. Hopefully, you won’t see any difference. Please let me know if you see any problems.

I heard that Robert Rippetoe had trouble posting after the recent changes to the forum software. If anyone else has had problems posting, please contact me using the email link.

Hi Jim, in fact i haven’t been able to get into the forum for quite a few days. i’m at a university library with many computers, and the only way i’ve found is to use Firefox on a Dell. My own machine is a mac, but other Dells using Internet Explorer do not work either. And in fact the previous Dell i had been using with Firefox now does not work.

What i get when clicking on a forum message is (on a Dell) is a white screen with the word SPAMMER in the upper left corner, then it redirects to

With the macs (using Safari) it merely directs me to

As i’ve talked to someone else who uses the forum and they have no problem, i’m wondering if i’m the only one experiencing this.

Note, this only happens when clicking on forum messages, and no other part of RHA.

Sorry to take up so much space with this, but it’s definitely a part of my daily routine. Thanks, joe wright


Originally, I thought I had taken gotten a new spyware program installed on my home computer, but after reading your post, my home computer (using Internet Explorer) is doing exactly the same thing. I was, however, able to use the forum by opening up a duplicate window, and that one worked fine.