Change of heart

This seedling:

Turned into this (according to my notes, at least…):

Leonardo da Vinci x Abraham Darby

The second flower was a big, old fashioned white flower. This spring it gave me white flowers and now they are pink with a creamy tone on the inside. Weird! But I like it. Lightly fragrant and 50% defoliation from blackspot in a rather shady spot, towered over by chrysanthemum. So I’m gonna move it and then we’ll see. Interesting are the woody peduncles that I hope will keep the flowers up when the shrub matures.


I love it!

Nice OGR bloom style Rob. Is there any fragrance?

I have learned not to do any judgement call upon seeing only the first few blooms. I’m sure many potentially excellent roses have met the compost bin before at all having been given a chance.


The romantics are growing on me lol. I might try Betty White with Jude the Obscure next year.

Unfortunately there is only a light fragrance, but it’s there. This year I planted out all seedlings, regardless of how the first few flowers looked. Of course, I only had about 150 seedlings, so that’s doable. With more seedlings, I think the only thing you can do is select earlier based on young flowers. But you’ll probably indeed lose some good material too.


A good lesson in patience - what an interesting change. It’s a beautiful flower. Is the plant 1 1/2 years old, germinated spring 2006?

Ooo, I love it too. I never discard a seedling. Nature does it for me.