Carefree Marvel x Shadow Dancer

The bright colors surprised me. The foliage looks and feels like plastic-- no disease yet, but only 3 months old, if that.

The plant growth is not indicative of a climber, but rather something like Bonica or Danae in style. I’m happy with this one, and will be keeping it for next year.

rofl, I just noticed the fly in the pic. It doesnt smell like poop, I promise! It’s scentless :astonished:


Now that’s something special although its commercial potential maybe low… there are many stripped roses that are single or semi-single. In that red and white colors…


You ought to use it in the future to create stripped ground covers… since it already has Carefree Marvel as a parent… maybe you should use a Flower Carpet rose or maybe, even, Carefree Sunshine-- as another parent.

I have Carefree Sunshine and it is, in all honesty, a floribunda here. There is nothing about it that qualifies it as a shrub or even groundcover in my climate. I’m not sure why I bought it other than it is pretty and looks nice in a modern landscape, lol.

The seedling should be a groundcover/landscape shrub in actuality. At least that is it’s current growth pattern. I plan to cross Candy Land x Champlain next year, and then cross both F1’s together. I may also try Night Owl x Rose Gilardi to see if it will mix into the other F1’s too.

Congrats on this one, I really like it! Rose Gilardi would be a good one to use with it.

Ooooh I LOVE the stripes! The contrast is amazing; the white is clear and offsets the red so beautifully. The reproductive segments are visible, and I think that’s pretty cool.

Very nice Jadae. The foliage looks great!

Jim Sproul

Sweet! I went to Heirloom’s 50% of sale today. They sell random things that they usually dont sell for some odd reason shrug

At any rate, I saw “The Princess” last year. I thought it was pretty (dark coral orange striped butter gold single shrub). but I had no clue what it was so I didnt buy it. I looked ALL over the internet trying to find this rose, but no luck. So i decided to do a search on Sam McGredy since I felt he had to be the breeder (Who else breeds orange striped plants?). So I eventually stumble upon this:

It was an exact match! (btw, I REALLY loathe rose renaming on whim by nurseries).

Well, they had it again this year, so I snapped it up asap.

And now I have another striped shrublet to work with =)

BTW, they had Solitaire in their sales cottage, so anyone interested can call them to ship one.

Now to figure out what “Scottish Highlands” is… I bought it on whim because the color is like Belle Epoque but more orange… sigh

Oh, and they had the elusive Blue Skies, so now I have another mauve to work with since most mauves are pretty horrible for breeding. Hopefully it is worthwhile…

Candle in the Wind is a pretty one Jadae. Good detective work on your part. :slight_smile: I wish the parentage had been listed.


One of the parents of Candle in the Wind is most likely Bedazzled. Candle in the Wind is a worthless seed parent (loves to abort) but the pollen is readily accepted.

Scottish Highlands is supposedly the same as Adagio/Home of Time. I don’t disagree with this as the Scottish Highlands that I grow is very similar to Amber Queen. I have yet to try it as a parent. It would be fun to cross it with Pretty Lady as they would both likely create something with a darker reverse, which I love.

Jadae, how did this one turn out? Size? Floriferousness? Cleanliness? I still think it is very attractive.

Jim Sproul

Very clean here. Same size as Bonica, like I felt it would be. Good rebloom. Its only negative trait is its want to cling onto things with little bent prickles. It is not highly fertile, which I suspected, but I got seed from it by setting its pollen on Dortmund. I got a good laugh at that cross taking. Talk about inbreeding lol. Its probably a pollen fertile triploid. My intention was to cross it onto Champlain, which I did. That obviously failed, and I got rid of Champlain shortly after because it even mildews here!!! I was really disappointed in Champlain. If I wanted a red, mildewing shrub, I’d grow Europeana lol. So, I am unsure of what to try my seedling with next. The Imposter might be a good match, but I dont want to order it because I only want to order from Pickering this year and dont want to waste excess money on ordering from everywhere.