Carefree Copper as a seed parent

Has any one used Carefree Copper as a seed parent?

I have used it several years. It is nearly infertile OP, so I can skip the removal of stamens if I don’t need them for pollen. Only a fraction of crosses have a hip with seed when pollinated with Carefree Sunshine or Rainbow K.O. Those seeds germinate OK but not great. Majority, probably more than 3/4 of plants are once blooming. Some of those are very attractive and would do well in your climate down to -10 F at least. I think examples were in the newsletter a year or so ago. Colors range from yellow to brilliant red. Some of those offspring are fertile, some not.

Thanks for the info. I have pollen from Julia Child and Shelia’s Perfume I would like to try on it and since I do not own these plants and only have pollen. I did not know if it would be a wasted effort. My Carefree Copper plant last year had two blooms on it so I did not try but used it pollen instead. This year it is covered in buds. It seems to love my climate. It hardly had any winter dieback even with little protection and the long dry summmer seems to not bother it. I think by looking at it you could get some very nice bi-colours out of it so I thought Shelia’s perfume was a nice cross. Julia Child and Carefree Copper seem like a perfect marriage between two fairly healthy plants. Both of these crosses are nowhere near what I want to do with Carefree Copper but they seemed like good crosses as I was thinking what to do with this pollen. My main reason for bringing in Carefree Copper was because of the dry climate I figured that since Austrian Copper is a great rose here even without water there was a good chance this one would be too. Plus I love species and species crosses even if Austrian Copper is not technically a species it is close enough.

Yes, CC will give bicolored types. I think most bicolors derive from the Austrian Copper parentage, though it was pointed out to me earlier on a different thread that there are other species than Austrian Copper that have white outside and color inside. The thing that really interests me is somehow recreating the Pernetiana color changes. I succeeded in that with a cross of CC onto a mini (Carefree Beauty x Rise N Shine) but it mildews, though showing no blackspot, in the midst of a plague of B.S. The color effects carry into the next generation beyond this mini which I called Orange Suprise. Can’t say about the mildew yet.

The color change properties also interest me. R. foetida blood and certain chinas are fascinating due to this characteristic. I also find the link between mauve and R. foetida very interesting. There is also a link between this species and some of the deeper richer reds. One species have given us so much and also given us some things not so great. Hopefully we can break some of the worst qualities away. But who can fault a semi arid plant for not being resistant to fungal diseases after all it had no use to build resistance to such things.