Carefree Beauty OP?

I have several Carefree Beauty hips. I’m not going to use the majority of them, so wondered if anyone would be interested. I have limited room and even more limited knowledge…should I even use them?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Just try them, you can always discard them. Maybe you got someting pretty.

If you dont find a use, offer them on Rosarian’s Corner for someone to learn from. We have had quite a few people learn this way, and it always seems like a positive experience!

Someone on this forum showed a pic of an OP Carefree Beauty. Looked much like the parent but fully double; quite nice! Another forum member once stated that he felt Carefree Beauty had a lot of potential but was presently a work in progress in that more could be done with it. Why not give some of the seeds a try?


I followed 29 inbred (selfed) seedlings of ‘Carefree Beauty’ documenting petal count, flower color, and anther color in an article in the Winter 1998-99 RHA newsletter. The segregation gives an idea of the variation and genetic contribution CB would be contributing to its seedlings and maybe help us choose particular parents to help draw out traits. This segregation data revealed to me that CB has only one dominant allele for the major gene governing double flowers. Below is the text. of the article before the table with the data and data summary.



Inbreds of Carefree Beauty

By David Zlesak

In the fall of 1998 I collected open pollinated hips off of an isolated planting of Carefree

Beauty. Since there were no other roses in the vicinity, I assume that Carefree Beauty was also the

pollen parent. These seedlings offer us a glimpse into the genetic makeup of Carefree Beauty. This

can help us choose parents to use with Carefree Beauty or an inbred of Carefree Beauty to draw

out and more efficiently breed for traits of interest. At 1st bloom data was collected on color, petal

count, and anther (pollen sac) color. Anther color was included since many had striking red edged

anthers. This coloration was especially attractive for seedlings with low petal count or white petals.

Has anyone found Carefree Beauty to frequently pass along red edged anthers in specific crosses?

As the season progresses I hope to continue to evaluate these seedlings for petal count, vigor, and

disease resistance. None were exceptionally fragrant.