Canon G10/G11

Jim, I grabbed my husband’s Canon G10 and spent a few minutes with the manual to learn how to use Macro mode. My BH loves this camera and uses it for everything he shoots. My daughter and SIL bought the newest model, the G11, and love it. It takes video, too. You’ll have to hide it from the kids. You can check the user manual to see if it uses AA batteries. I know my BH took a thousand snaps on vacation without recharging the battery.

Here’s a link to the user guide.

A sample high res JPEG image, unedited right out of the camera but cropped, is at this link. It is a ginormous file showing the center of the frame. Make sure you zoom to 100% in your browser to see the detail. Not bad, not shot with a tripod. It shows the usual annoying narrow depth of field of such general purpose lenses right smack dab in the center of the bud.

I doubt you would be able to see the detail of an aphid with this camera. That quality macro is pretty much restricted to the DSLR realm.


Wow, yes, lots of choices! Thanks so much.

Cass, your photo has the kind of detail that I am interested in. Great shot!

Jim Sproul