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I am looking for the new rose, Abraham Martin. I do not see it on the Pickering site or Hortico, or elsewhere! Can anyone help me find one?

I was surprised to read about the new Agriculture Canada rose, ‘Abraham Martin’, in the last issue of Gardens West magazine. It is a semi-double, white Rugosa. As I suspected, it’s Dr. Svejda’s F12 selection that has been growing in the Brooks, Alberta rose garden for many years. The information given in the magazine that Claude Richer developed it is incorrect and it was posted to HMF Roses. I corrected them. Unfortunately, they have posted it in their Comments & Questions section of this cultivar, saying there is a difference of opinion. No there isn’t! This statement is “opinion” and the information I provided is factual.

‘Abraham Martin’ is not a Canadian Artists rose despite that HMF Roses says it is.

It’s likely Pickering and Hortico won’t have this cultivar available for another year or two. I can propagate it for Canadians and perhaps also get a few plants into the U.S. in the fall.

By the way, another new Canadian Rugosa was introduced this year - ‘Michel Trudeau’. It has large (10 cm. diameter), semi-double pink flowers and is of unknown parentage. It honours the youngest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and his ex-wife Margaret. He was killed in an avalanche in B.C.'s Kokanee Mountains 10 years ago. This rose is being sold as a fundraiser for the Canadian Avalanche Foundation and is available at Brentwood Bay Nurseries on Vancouver Island. An article I’ve written about this rose will be published in the next edition of the National Roses Canada newsletter.

Regarding who the breeder is, see:


now i cannot recall where i first heard of it, there is also another “Canadian Artist” rose that is supposedly new, named after a lady, and I can’t remember the name of that one either! Abraham Martin is listed on “Help Me Find Roses”, however, but there is not a lot of information about it.

I would very much like to have one, rugosas are my favorites, just about, I am growing a Hansa hedge, I have, also, Rugelda (not that hardy), Superba(?), Scabrosa (wonderful) and Blanc Double de Couvert. chris in connecticut.

On behalf of HelpMeFind I have investigated this. I agree that Abraham Martin is not an Artist Series rose. On the parentage I have checked with Marc Boilard, Responsable des espaces verts, Commission des champs de bataille nationaux.

Here is his response:

The “Abraham Martin” rosebush is the result of a planned crossbreeding between the “Jens Munk” and the “Martin Frobisher” varieties, carried out in 1973 by Felicitas Svejda in the Ottawa facilities of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. In 2003, this variety was re-evaluated and selected by Mrs. Claude Richer (a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu) for its growth habit, hardiness, disease resistance, size and colour of blooms and long flowering period.

Abraham Martin and F12 have been merged in HMF as all evidence points to them being one and the same variety. Please see HMF for Photographs.


In reply to Chris Jankot. To my knowledge two Artist Series have been introduced.


I am sure you are right! chris