Can the U.S. import roses from Japan or Canada?

I have been doing some legwork to see which countries Australia can export rose propagating material to. Canada and Japan are on this list. Is the U.S. able to import material from these countries?

(now I understand why Florigene, who is developing the blue rose here in Australia, will release the rose in Japan… from there it’s a quick jump into the U.S)

I order Canadian roses yearly. With some minor exceptions that usually deal with royalties, trademarks, etc., almost all roses raised in Canada can be shipped to the US. Japan, on the other hand, I am unsure of. I cant read Japanese websites to even begin to guess, but I am guessing that it would at least require a 2 year quaratine with regualar visits from the Department of Ag.

Getting roses from Canada isn’t all that difficult, but importing from outside North America becomes considerably more complicated: usually a quarantine of two years is required once the plants arrive, and reams of documents must be obtained, etc etc. Most folks won’t bother, and in the case of some countries, only licensed nurseries can do the importing. I can’t speak to the matter of importation from Japan specifically.

Well at least something in this country works like it is suppose to. I would be very worried if they made importing plants easy. Could you imagine? I would be more inclined too trust some one who would be willing to go through all this work than the other way around, but then again I have not seen the mound of paper work involved either.