Can I rescue these seeds?

I had a hip from a cross I was pretty excited about maturing quite nicely, getting all green and plump, but when I checked it today, I found that something must have knocked against it – anyway, the stem had been broken, and my promising hip is now shriveled and brown. I took it hope and opened it, finding a couple seeds. The seeds are about full-sized, but soft. So, the question is, what can I do to save these seeds? Should

I sow them right away and hope for the best, or is there anything special I can do to increase their chances of making it?



I haven’t had any germinations from soft seeds, but if it is an important cross, I’d try anyway.

I’ve done a few soft seed germinations, and depending on the variety and maturity of the hip, your seeds may either germinate very quickly, or not germinate at all. It seems that Queen Elizabeth will germinate all its seeds even when the hip is green. I’ve gotten germinations 2 months after pollination and the hip still green. Although I haven’t seen this happen in other roses, but considering the amount of germination I’ve done for other green hips of other cultivars, which are few, you still may have a chance. It wouldn’t hurt to try anyways, right?